For Veterinarians 

Dr. Maguire is more than happy to work with any small animal clinic in Singapore. Please feel free to contact us so that we can set up a personal meeting to discuss how we can assist you and your practice. Please also see the referral form below that can be used to streamline the referral process.
Can I use Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists?

If you work at a small animal clinic in Singapore and currently offers surgery than the answer is yes! Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists can perform a wide spectrum of orthopedic and soft tissue procedures in general veterinary clinics.  So long as the practice is capable of performing for large dog spays almost the full spectrum of surgical procedures will be possible.  Specific equipment and drapes for patient preparation will be brought in to assist with the procedure. For any questions or concerns regarding facilities or peri-operative management please contact us.   

What equipment do you bring?

Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists is able to provide the following: 

  • A surgical assistant

  • Antiseptics and disinfectants

  • Surgical clippers and clipper blades

  • Sterile patient and table drapes

  • Leg hanging stand for orthopedic procedures

  • Sterile gowns, sterile gloves, surgical caps and masks

  • Surgical instrument kits including some basic instrumentation as well as specialty instruments

  • Electrocautery

  • Surgical suction

  • Orthopedic drills and saws

  • A variety of surgical drains

  • Stapling devices

  • Soft tissue implants

  • Orthopedic implants including pins, wires, locking plating systems, and external fixation

  • Suture materials

What do you need from my staff?

In most cases a technician employed by Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists will accompany Dr. Maguire to help with patient preparation and provide scrubbed assistance. Assistance from an unscrubbed staff member from your clinic will be required during the procedure, however this does not need to be a veterinarian. 

How do I schedule consultation/surgery ?

To schedule a consultation or surgery we can be reached by phone, email, text/whatsapp message. For urgent cases a phone call will be the quickest form of contact, while response to all written communications should be expected within 24 hours. 

What about patients without a diagnosis?

There will be situations where the origin of a lameness may be undetermined or an exploratory abdominal or thoracic surgery will be required to reach a diagnosis. We are happy to consult with and provide surgery as deemed appropriate for these patients. We can assist with diagnostic work as well. Please feel free to contact us to discuss any specific case. 

What non-surgical procedures do you offer?

Dr. Maguire can perform orthopedic examination under anesthesia and oversee patient imaging. He is also able to perform ancillary testing such as joint aspiration, spinal fluid sampling, soft tissue and bone biopsy, feeding tube placement and apply external coaptation. Please contact us for prices for these ancillary procedures. 

Do all patients need a consultation prior to surgery?

Dr. Maguire must evaluate all patients prior to a procedure. This may take the form of an office consultation performed several days or even weeks prior to surgery. Alternately, consultation may take the form of an examination and phone call for an inpatient that requires more immediate surgery. Please contact us to discuss further how we can work with your patients on an individual basis. 

How much does surgery/consultation cost?

Please contact us directly for cost estimates. We can likely provide estimated surgical costs based on the tentative diagnosis for most cases. Note that if the diagnosis changes or if Dr. Maguire identifies any additional concerns he will discuss these findings with both you and the client. Any changes to the estimated cost will be discussed prior to undertaking any procedures.

How is post-operative care managed?

The same day of surgery Dr. Maguire will provide a written surgical report as well as a document containing post-operative care and discharge instructions. Following completion of the surgery Dr. Maguire will leave but remain contactable via phone should any additional concerns arise.