For Pet Owners 

Dr. Maguire travels to veterinary practices across Singapore to meet with you, your pet, and your primary care veterinarian. We bring all the equipment and expertise to perform specialist surgeries
in the comfort of your local veterinary clinic.

Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists operates on a referral only basis. We require that you consult with your primary veterinarian first.  Your primary veterinarian will then help organise Dr Maguire to come in for consultation and surgery.

Please contact your primary veterinarian if you feel that your pet might benefit from a specialist consultation. Your primary veterinarian will be happy to assist in answering any questions for you. 

What your veterinarian provides


  • Initial assessment

  • Blood work and other laboratory services

  • The operating room

  • Anaesthesia equipment and anaesthetic drugs

  • Anaesthetic monitoring

  • Radiology services

  • Initial patient recovery monitoring

  • All medications that are administered and/or dispensed

What Beecroft Animal Surgical Specialists provides


  • Advanced surgical knowledge and expertise

  • Patient preparation equipment including

    • antiseptics

    • sterile drapes

  • All gowns, drapes and gloves

  • All specialty surgical instrumentation to control bleeding, and appropriately handle and repair bone

  • All surgical implants including bone screws, bone pins, cement, bone plates and various soft tissue implants

Day of Consultation

The purpose of a specialist consultation with Dr. Maguire is to help investigate the problem and to determine what action to take. Dr. Maguire will evaluate your pet and speak with you personally before any procedures. If your pet is warded and in critical condition a same day consultation and surgery may be most appropriate. If your pet requires an elective orthopedic procedure it is possible that surgery is scheduled on a later date.

Your primary care veterinarian will help determine which would be the most appropriate type of consultation and will assist you with the scheduling.

Day of Surgery


Preparation leading up to surgery will vary from patient to patient. Most patients will need to be fasted after the evening meal on the day prior to surgery. Water can usually still be offered until the morning of the procedure. If the patient is receiving oral medications, they should be withheld the morning of surgery unless instructed otherwise by your veterinarian.


Post-surgical care instructions vary greatly and will depend on the type of surgery your pet has received.  Written care instructions will be provided to you by Beecroft Animal Specialist Services. If further clarification is required we recommend you contact your primary care veterinarian as your first point of contact. 

Most routine follow-ups will be performed by your primary care veterinarian. Re-evaluations by Dr. Maguire may be necessary depending on the surgery performed and your pet’s recovery – these too will be performed at your primary veterinarian’s office.